TheBillionCoin Testimonials

TheBillionCoin Testimonials

Perhaps you have not heard of the BillionCoin yet.

That’s ok..

All these people have.. and it is changing their lives…

Read these then scroll to the bottom…

TheBillionCoin Crypto Currency





























BillionCoin – How to create an account

Create an account at

Then verify your email by clicking the link you get sent (Check spam)

Then create your free wallet. (top right drop down / Wallet Guide)

Follow the instructions


This is just a very small amount of happy customers!

They got in at the beginning when the coin was 0.00001 a coin!

Today is it well over $100 and rising daily by 4-5%!

This is not to be sneezed at.

Do not over think this.. Just do it and you will see what will happen.

No fancy sales letters… No fancy hypnotic writing.

Just saying it as it is.

Click here to start with $100.


Then come and find me and I will let you know more.


Let the games begin 🙂


P.S.S You can have a different starting amount if you like.

Leave a comment below and I will be in touch!

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TheBillionCoin Full Plan. Read Carefully




Ladies and gentlemen please take you seat with a drink..

Listen to what I am about to tell you.

I hear most people are screaming in fact that they cant sell their tbc digital currency. There are many reasons for this but the biggest reason I feel is that people are finding it hard because they do not know how to use the P2P business model nor do they know how to build relationships so in a bid to help the many I have devised a step by step plan to help you.

It is laid out below.

Please read this slowly and carefully and then once you have read this leave a comment below.

It is laid out in steps for you.

Step 1) Your provide me with your Full name and email address.

Why? So I can email you and I can address your personally… Building a relationship with you.

Step 1) Go to this website and after a few seconds a pop up  will appear. Fill in your details there. If you have a problem with that site .. maybe your device is old.. or maybe you don’t have the capability to see the pop up. The back up to this link can be found here: Backup form.

Once I have your name and Email then  I can personally email you and address you directly.

*****Please only do it as above! Please do NOT post your email other than on the website or the backup link, It will get over looked in the tbc groups and I wont see it! *****

Step 2) I then require your Twitter user name and Instagram name. No passwords. Just your name.

**This is so your id can be used for the retweet you will read about below**

Step 3) Set up your ifttt account which is free and set it to retweet everything I post @TBCUKAndUSA . Watch this video to understand how if you don’t know how to do so yet.

Step 4) Once we have 100 active twitter participants then we can begin the test phase.

Hey! I never said it would be easy right? But remember this is for your benefit as much mine so please do keep following along.

So This is what will happen…..

I will create a crafted message for twitter,facebook,instagram (in future use you will be able to tweak it but show me first) and when I do you will all automatically re tweet this message. That’s what we use IFTTT for. it does all of the work for you once you set it up correctly (refer the the video in step 3)

Let’s say you have 50 friend on twitters. On average people have at least 100 people as a minimum… On average some might have less.


100 People retweeting say twice a day using a hashtag and an image and a link to the trade platform.

This will reach 100×50 = 5000x2x a day people will see the message.. Now your thinking wait! That’s not enough… But then hear this…

5000 people all tweeting the same message x2 will start to get you noticed!

Then we start to move onto Facebook….

200 people – 1 Status update shared 1 time average friends 100

200×100 = 20,000 people exposed.

So this takes us to 25,000 people…

This is a TEST RUN… in preparation for the main event.

This is when we will have 500+ people on each platform ready to share a status/tweet and I’ve not even talked about Instagram yet! That is by far the most powerful. On that platform alone we can get over 100’000 hits in about an hour! But let’s go slow..

Let’s get the test done first.

Now I need to run the test on my website first so I can measure the traffic surge. That way I will know how effective this will be on the trade site.

Now follow every step before you move onto the next step. If you miss a step you will fall out of sequence.  success is only granted when everyone plays their part in the success of this test and when everyone participates we will benefit greatly. So, Please it is in your interest to follow along my directions exactly.

Remember this is the test phase! I need to measure the traffic impact of this before I can use the trade platform. Once this test is done the results will be fairly clear within 3-4 days or so and then I can plan the biggest social campaign TBC have ever seen!

Any questions drop a message below.