Marketing is just one small facet of what you need to learn when you decide that you will build a website or a blog online. To have smooth sailing along from then on is a myth and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

You can struggle through the learning process on your own and purchase book after book and course after course that will most likely leave you with less money in your pocket than you started with and a complete head full of “brain overload” until you have absolutely no idea how to proceed.

What happens from there is what is known in the online world as you falling faster and deeper into the world of “SOS.”

You don’t know what “SOS” is? In the online world there are a few acronyms and a few different definitions of “SOS.”

The most popular definition is “Shiny Object Syndrome.”

In short, this is what happens when you go program hopping from one program, platform or mentor to another because you think you may have chosen the wrong business for yourself or you didn’t put enough work into it to show any results (overnight results is also a myth), so you go searching for something else that sounds “Just a little bit better” than what you’ve already spent time on.

Whatever program, platform, company or mentor you work with, just as if you were opening a brick and mortar store, you have to be dedicated, determined and sure this is what your dream is about.

This is not any kind of judgment of anyone. If you’ve been online for any amount of time, I can almost guarantee that 98% of everyone has been down this road. I’ve done it and some of the big name marketers have done it. The success you see from big name marketers is a result of many years they’ve spent testing, planning, studying and losing many hours of sleep to get where they are now.

Just think if you had stayed with the first thing you joined or program that you bought when you first came online; think of where you might be by now?

The past is gone but you can learn from it and move forward using every little success or mistake that you’ve made to move forward and learn.

This site is not going to be your “Magic Wand” or a “Magic Spell” that will propel you to being a 6-figure earner but what this site will do is to help you become familiar with tools and resources that you can use that will one day give you the results you want and then you can succeed over and above that.

The training resources and information contained throughout this site have and are still personally used by William O’Toole and many other prosperous marketers.

“IF” you will make a serious commitment to yourself and your business and consistently work each day, then you will begin to see results. The more results you get, the more self-confident you will become and the ideas will flow easier and pretty soon you are an “successful and established” online marketer.

So, take your time, read what is available here and take action and ask questions.

Don’t let the training resources of this site become something that didn’t work in the past.

If it didn’t work, then it means you didn’t work hard enough or want it badly enough.

Monna Ellithorpe (c) 2017


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