Why are you Blogging_

Why are you blogging ?

Why are you Blogging? Over the years I have been in and out of blogging communities. One of the purposes of blogging communities to to help you get more eyeballs on your website right ? You are looking for more Likes/Comments/Shares or all of the aforementioned right ? Let me ask you a very simple […]

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Bitcoin Fluctuations

What the Bitcoin!

Bitcoin… What is it ? This is an article describing what bitcoin (BTC) is, What Blockchain is and how it all works together seamlessly. You will have seen this in the news over the last few years, You will have seen merchants (Stores) starting to accept bitcoin for paying for goods and services. It’s important […]

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Traffic Monster

Do you need help with your online business?

So, You have been online for a while… Maybe just a few months … Maybe years.. Have you found the secret yet? People claim to have a secret sauce .. They say they have the magic pill.. Let me tell you.. There is NO PILL to success! What does success mean anyway ? The answer […]

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IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review

IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review If you’ve not heard of IBOToolbox before, then you are in for a real and extensive education in working with all of the features that the marketing platform provides. I am sure most all are in agreement that social networking, social media and attraction marketing are the most beneficial ways to […]

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Marketing Platforms

Marketing Platforms As I mentioned before in “Starting A Business With Zero Money” there are quite a few places online that are free to use to get started with a business online. To start off with, the main resources that are recommended for your self-branding and marketing is IBOToolbox, MLM Gateway and of course Facebook […]

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