Do you need help with your online business?


You have been online for a while… Maybe just a few months … Maybe years..

Have you found the secret yet?

People claim to have a secret sauce .. They say they have the magic pill..

Let me tell you.. There is NO PILL to success!

What does success mean anyway ?

The answer will vary from person to person..

For some it’s money… For others is having a big team of people in their team..

For other people it’s the fancy cars and fancy houses.

When would you deem yourself a success? Whilst you consider the answer let me tell you what I think part of the answer is that everyone is looking for..

Quality traffic to promote YOUR current business.

Forget facebook!

Forget Twitter!

Forget Instagram!

You will see from what YOU have posted online in the past perhaps your engagement is not as high as you would have hoped.

Are people commenting on your posts ?

Are people sharing your posts ?

It’s not the product.. You know that works…

Could it be in your approach to promoting the business?

Think deeply on this… You don’t need to tell me the answer… (Breathe! )

For years I thought the answer was posting everything on Facebook and waiting for the big paychecks to come…

If only it was that easy!! You would be rich by now right ?

So, What i the answer??

How about.. real people clicking on your business for 20 seconds a day?

Exposure! I’m talking about worldwide exposure.

I’m talking about getting people to SEE your business away from Facebook!

Most people on Facebook have ad blindness don’t they ?

Every day I unfriend/Unfollow 100+ people because what they are posting is not relevant.

Everyone loves to buy but perhaps they don’t like to be sold to right ?

What if people were incentivised to look at your business ?

What if 1000 people a day would be looking at your video ?

Would this add real value to your business ?

You might be surprised to know that if you post in a Facebook group of 10000 people maybe 5 might reply! If your lucky! FB groups are over-saturated with mainly fake people .. fake robots and people who just don’t see what your posting right now.

Why don’t they see what you post?

You have fallen short of the algorithm perhaps.. or maybe they have un-followed you/the group. There could be many reasons.

The project I have nearly finished up is guaranteed to improve your signups based on the amount of real people that are incentivised to click on your link.

If ever there was a magic pill… Then this would be it.

It’s called Traffic Monster.

Click on the blue link just above and have a look…

You will find it very useful!!


IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review

IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review

IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review

If you’ve not heard of IBOToolbox before, then you are in for a real and extensive education in working with all of the features that the marketing platform provides.

I am sure most all are in agreement that social networking, social media and attraction marketing are the most beneficial ways to get traffic to your site(s) but sometimes you cannot do it alone.

This is where IBOToolbox comes in to lend a helping hand. The more you socialize with people, create relationships and develop a sense of wanting to help that person, they in turn will feel the same and return the favor of helping you.

In terms of business development, social networking and traffic is the backbone of the internet world, just as it has been offline for hundreds of years before. People use or buy your service, they like the service they received they’ll tell others that they know about you and before you know it, people are sharing for you and therefore your traffic starts to increase, thus your sales and business increases..

IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review

There are, I suppose some people out there that get the idea in their heads that they only have to “befriend” someone one time, share their service and in turn their service will be advertised by that person and many more times from now on.

It just doesn’t work that way. It may work for a short time but if you are not consistent in your own advertising and in sharing what your associates are doing, then traffic will soon fall off and so will your income.

There is something new to learn about IBOToolbox every day.

IBOToolbox is a free advertising platform. Paul Williams has created and continues to add to it and it is of great benefit to social networking IF YOU USE IT, work with it and contribute.

Once you are signed up and in the site, you can become familiar with the inside of IBOToolbar. Don’t expect to learn everything at once, because I sure haven’t.

You need to get yourself out there, so why not do it where others can help you with your advertising efforts and you help them with their advertising?; sounds like a win/win situation to me!

They used to have two webinars each week but I see that they have discontinued the webinars, however, some are still available for you to watch. Kris Karafotas who has been with IBOToolbox, I believe from day one used to host the webinars but has her own training now.

You may be wondering “Why would I want to join another advertising platform that already has thousands of marketers advertising their businesses too?” well I am going to tell you why;

IBOToolbox is SEO optimized and 96% of the traffic received to the IBO profiles and blogs come from outside of IBOToolbox; meaning Google loves it and your content WILL be seen by thousands of people who are not aware of the power of IBOToolbox advertising yet.

IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review1Social networking as a part of your business development is more vital now than ever before. With the rise in scams and fraudulent activity on the internet, people are very, very cautious or they should be and will contact a person directly before even considering joining their business or program even if it is free.

Create your free IBOToolbox account and start getting the branding of your name and your business in the mainstream of the advertising and social networking arena.

This is an overall review of the platform. To learn more about IBOToolbox in detail to see what it offers, click on this tab at the top of the blog header “Marketing Platforms” and wait for the drop-down on IBOToolbox. There you will find a step by step post walking you through each function of the free IBOToolbox Advertising Platform Review.


IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard

IBOToolbox – My Earnings

IBOToolbox – My Leads


Marketing Platforms

Marketing Platforms

As I mentioned before in “Starting A Business With Zero Money” there are quite a few places online that are free to use to get started with a business online.

To start off with, the main resources that are recommended for your self-branding and marketing is IBOToolbox, MLM Gateway and of course Facebook and many more.

I will go over these platforms, section by section so you will get the greatest benefit from each of them and how they will work for you.

IBOToolbox (Independent Business Owner Marketing Tools)

IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard

IBOToolbox – My Earnings

IBOToolbox – My Leads

Starting A Business With Zero Money

Starting A Business With Zero Money

Starting A Business With Zero MoneyStarting a business online with absolutely zero money at all can be done but you have to also be realistic in what to expect.

The most important piece of putting your business together is to decided on your “niche” or topic of what is your blog or teaching going to be about?

Are you going to blog?

Are you going to work with an MLM company?

Are you going to work with “Cryptocurrencies” like TBC (The Billion Coin) or BTC (Bitcoin)?

Are you going to be a leader and/or teacher?

Are you going to be a service-based business?

If you don’t have any of this planned out, then stop right here and go back and decide what it is that you want to accomplish online for you and your family.

Starting A Business With Zero Money

In the beginning, almost every one of us has had to use some free tools to get started. The free resources and tools that you will need if you are going to start blogging and “Self-Branding” for yourself are mentioned below.

REMEMBER >> Using free sites online means that you don’t have total or full control of your content.

If the site doesn’t like what you’ve written, they can remove your content. If the site disappears all together, then so does your content; it’s just “GONE.” Keep your own copy of everything you write and include the date it was written.

You can use WordPress.comBlogger.comFacebook to start out with blogging.

Starting A Business With Zero MoneyYour goal to work towards as soon as possible is to purchase your own domain name and start using a paid server site, such as HostGator or BlueHost. You will have full control of your content and you can choose your theme if you use WordPress.org which is the most popular blogging platform there is. WordPress.org is free to install and use but you have to have paid hosting in order to do this.

At some time or another, preferably from day one, you should start thinking about building your email or mailing list. Again, there are free options such as Mailerlite or MailChimp.

If at all possible, start out with a paid mailing list using Aweber or GetResponse. You stand to lose some of your subscribers if you have to switch from a free provider to a paid email provider when you have to ask them to opt-in again. It’s not something that’s going to plague you forever but looking ahead is advisable.

This site is built with the intentions of teaching those who are willing to work hard, focus and have the drive to make their online business a success.

Starting A Business With Zero MoneyWe can give you all the tools, resources and suggestions that we use ourselves but unless you take action with consistency and dedication, you “WILL” be one of the 98% who fail in an online business.

The reference of 98% failing online are those who will not stick with a program, a mentor or follow instructions and then will blame the mentor, the program or the teaching for their downfall.

Whatever amount of success or failure you achieve will rest upon your shoulders only. We can provide the knowledge, the information, the resources and the tools but we cannot and won’t do the work for you.

Many of the 98% failures are also due to people actually coming in and believing that they will make tons of money online without doing anything or spending any money at all. “WRONG!”

If that is your mindset and you think you will never have to invest in yourself or in your training, then this or any business for that matter is not for you.

Now, once you have decided on your course of action, then sit back and get ready to work because we will supply you with some of the most extensive and detailed training that you have ever seen.

Starting A Business With Zero Money

“If you trust in yourself. . .and believe in your dreams. . .and follow your star. . .
you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard
and learning things and weren’t so lazy.”

-Terry Pratchett




Marketing is just one small facet of what you need to learn when you decide that you will build a website or a blog online. To have smooth sailing along from then on is a myth and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

You can struggle through the learning process on your own and purchase book after book and course after course that will most likely leave you with less money in your pocket than you started with and a complete head full of “brain overload” until you have absolutely no idea how to proceed.

What happens from there is what is known in the online world as you falling faster and deeper into the world of “SOS.”

You don’t know what “SOS” is? In the online world there are a few acronyms and a few different definitions of “SOS.”

The most popular definition is “Shiny Object Syndrome.”

In short, this is what happens when you go program hopping from one program, platform or mentor to another because you think you may have chosen the wrong business for yourself or you didn’t put enough work into it to show any results (overnight results is also a myth), so you go searching for something else that sounds “Just a little bit better” than what you’ve already spent time on.

Whatever program, platform, company or mentor you work with, just as if you were opening a brick and mortar store, you have to be dedicated, determined and sure this is what your dream is about.

This is not any kind of judgment of anyone. If you’ve been online for any amount of time, I can almost guarantee that 98% of everyone has been down this road. I’ve done it and some of the big name marketers have done it. The success you see from big name marketers is a result of many years they’ve spent testing, planning, studying and losing many hours of sleep to get where they are now.

Just think if you had stayed with the first thing you joined or program that you bought when you first came online; think of where you might be by now?

The past is gone but you can learn from it and move forward using every little success or mistake that you’ve made to move forward and learn.

This site is not going to be your “Magic Wand” or a “Magic Spell” that will propel you to being a 6-figure earner but what this site will do is to help you become familiar with tools and resources that you can use that will one day give you the results you want and then you can succeed over and above that.

The training resources and information contained throughout this site have and are still personally used by William O’Toole and many other prosperous marketers.

“IF” you will make a serious commitment to yourself and your business and consistently work each day, then you will begin to see results. The more results you get, the more self-confident you will become and the ideas will flow easier and pretty soon you are an “successful and established” online marketer.

So, take your time, read what is available here and take action and ask questions.

Don’t let the training resources of this site become something that didn’t work in the past.

If it didn’t work, then it means you didn’t work hard enough or want it badly enough.

Monna Ellithorpe (c) 2017