IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard

IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard

IBOToolbox_–_Learn_the_Dashboard_-_FiltersA Marketing Platform for Your Business – IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard

You may wonder what place is the best place to build relationships and find business contacts online and I’m here to let you know about IBOToolbox, if you don’t already know about it.

Here are a few reasons why this platform is being used every day by thousands upon thousands of business owners around the world:

IBOToolbox works because that’s what it was designed to do. So many systems and tools out there on the Internet do not work. They are usually 100% hype with no return for using them.

Let’s start off with learning your way around. On the right side of your IBOToolbox, towards the top is your Site Navigation which will get you anywhere you need to go when working your business and building contacts and relationships in IBO.

IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard2DASHBOARD NAVIGATION:

1. The dashboard is where you will locate the IBO Wall in the center or maybe you are more familiar with the term “News Feed.”

2. You will also find along the right sidebar, a picture of the “Featured Member of the Day” (i.e. FMOTD).

3. The right sidebar also shows “Member Ads” that have been placed either from earning ad credits or purchasing ad credits from IBOToolbox.

4. The next section down shows a box titled “IBOToolbox OnTrack.” This section gives you an overall view of what you have working for you on the platform.
a. Completed Profile
b. Recent Press Release Activity
c. Recent Wall Activity
d. Recent Referral Activity
e. Recent Advertising Activity
f. Recent PR/Video Comment Activity

Your ultimate goal is to have each of the arrows in this section GREEN. Each section is hyperlinked and will take you directly where you need to go to achieve a green arrow instead of a red arrow.

IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard45. On down is “Member Advertising” which are just text ads. Again, people have earned the ad credits or they have purchased them. It’s up to you how you get your advertising credits.

6. Next comes “IBO Big Dogs.” This is a list of the most active members on IBOToolbox. They are also VERIFIED IBO CONTRIBUTORS, which means they are a paying member and receive many more perks and benefits than a free member does but you can still do very well as a free member.

7. “IBO Top Enrollers” is pretty much self explanatory. These members have brought in the most new members in the last week.

8. “IBO Traffic Leaders” are members that are receiving the most traffic to their pages due to the extra effort and work they put into IBOToolbox each day.

9. “Member Advertising.” Again, these are text ads that the members have placed.

10. IBOToolbox even has chat rooms. This section will show how many chat rooms are in use at the time and also allow you to create your own chat room. Click on the button, create your chat room and begin inviting people.

11. IBOToolbox Ad Monitor shows how many ads that you have running and shows the sizes of the banner ads and the number of text ads.

12. Do you want to know how well you are doing on IBOToolbox? Follow the right sidebar down to the section called “My IBOSocial Profile.” This will show your stats of visitors you’ve had today, for the week and also for the month. It’s also helpful to see the IBOToolbox System Wide Stats for the day, the week and the month.

13. Section Assistance will give you many choices of topics that you can read about to see how they work and how they will be suit you and your business.

14. Market with Kris Training. Kris Karafotas has been with IBOToolbox since the beginning and I would say knows the system “inside and out.” She also gives live training webinars every Wednesday at 8pm EST.

15. Finally, you can find where to follow IBOToolbox on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.

IBOToolbox system has the most targeted audience you will find anywhere on the Internet.

They receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every day. These visitors are looking for opportunities to make extra money.

Finally, it is a place that you can advertise your business and not get jailed or removed completely; as long as you follow their rules.

IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard6Yes, there are rules everywhere. Do not mess up and get banned from such a valuable platform as this. “It’s just not worth it.”

The next post will walk you through the section on the “Site Navigation” box called “My Money.”

Be sure to pay close attention and re-read if needed. IBOToolbox offers so much for you to succeed as long as you “TAKE ACTION.”

IBOToolbox – Learn the Dashboard

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