IBOToolbox – My Associates

IBOToolbox – My Associates

ibo_toolbox_my_associatesThe “IBOToolbox – My Associates” section is where you will start building relationships with other IBOToolbox members.

In the Site Navigation box, the red arrow at the top is pointing to an icon with two people. You can get to this area from clicking on the people. You can also find your way there by clicking on “My Associates” shown with the red arrow on the left side of the Navigation box.

Once you reach this section, you can then decide to accept or deny the friend associates who have requested to be friends. 

In the list of names, click on the photo, if there is one and read the member profile to decide if this is someone you want to become friends with.  William’s view on this is, “If they don’t have a picture in their profile, don’t bother.”

ibo_toolbox_my_associates-profilePicture Number Key


#1. This is where you will see the member name, location, country, phone and Skype and social site information.

#2.  Accept the friend request or deny request. 

#3.  Will show the date they joined IBO and right under that you can see how active they are.

#4. Indicates how many people have liked the posts this member has made, how many wall posts and how many associates they have.

#5. Another way to determine how active a member is by how many press releases they have written. Look to see how many comments they’ve received and how many they’ve given. This is to help you decide to accept their request or not.

#6. The video section; to see if they’ve made any videos and have received any comments or more importantly, if they have made any comments to other videos.

IBO Associates

ibo_toolbox_my_associates-2If you decide to deny a member request, then their profile will disappear from your view. 

If you accept their request, their profile photo will move down to your list of IBO Associates.

Your list of associates will also show you their user level; meaning if they’ve paid for advertising, if they’re a contributor to IBO, if they’re a traffic leader and the stars represent status concerning marketing efforts.


That pretty much sums up the “IBO Associate” section of IBOToolbox.

I hope this step by step series is helping you understand IBOToolbox a little better and you can see the value that is offered with this free platform.