IBOToolbox – My Earnings

IBOToolbox – My Earnings

IBOToolbox_–_My_EarningsThis is the second post in this extensive review of IBOToolbox. I will walk you through the section on the “Site Navigation” box called “My Earnings.”

Be sure to pay close attention and re-read if needed. IBOToolbox offers so much for you to work with to succeed, as long as you “TAKE ACTION.”


The “My Earnings” section of the Site Navigation bar will give you the information of what you’ve earned, if any.

Click on the “My Earnings” section and we’ll get started going through what you will find and what this means to “YOU.”

When you open this section you will probably feel very overwhelmed at first. Don’t let it intimidate you.

Take each section one by one as I explain them and then you can decide how or if they will benefit you or not.

Click on Picture to See Details

First off, you will see an ad that someone has placed most of the way across the top. These ads change from time to time and I’ll explain the details on that in the advertising section.

The right sidebar of the screen stays pretty much the same each time with a few differences each day.

Right Sidebar Navigation Looking Down The Page:

Site Navigation
Member Advertising
A Second Member Advertising Area
3rd Party Advertising
IBOToolbox Ad Monitor
Section Assistance
Following IBOToolbox on the different social sites.

Now, back to the top of the page towards the left and center, you will see “Important Information.” This also changes regularly and will show you different benefits from being a member of the platform.

IBOToolbox Commission System

This section below is also pretty much self explanatory but I will go over each section and there is a picture below to help make this as easy as possible.

IBOToolbox_–_My_Earnings--2Even though the IBOToolbox platform is “Free,” there is the option of joining Club IBO at $19.95 USD per month which provides many more benefits. Again, this will be explained more in detail as we go through all of the sections.

As you can see below in red, I’m not an active Club IBO member but William O’Toole is. I was at one time but as we all know, sometimes we let things interfere with our business and that could mean the difference between failure and success.


Even if you aren’t an active Club IBO member (a free member), there is still the earning potential of 20% commission if you have referred someone to sign up to IBOToolbox and they purchase advertising credits.

If you are an active Club IBO member, then the commission paid to you is 50% when a member you brought in buys advertising credits.

The minimum payout is $50.00 which is paid to your PayPal account the first of every month. We will cover how to set that up in a different post.

IBOToolbox – My EarningsRemember I spoke of rules that need to be followed? Well this is one of those rules and it is very important that you are consistent in signing into your IBOToolbox account at least every 7 days to earn any kind of commission but it is of greater benefit to you if you sign in twice a day; once in the morning after 6am EST to receive your “50 free” advertising credits and also again after 6pm EST to collect another 50 advertising credits for the day.

IBOToolbox_–_My_Earnings---Keep an eye out for the IBOToolbox Newsletter that is published every Sunday and there will be a code that you can receive an extra 100 advertising credits.

Think about this for a second. Even being a free member, if you are active and sign in each morning and evening; 7 days a week and then also retrieve the 100 credits from the newsletter, that is a total of 450 free advertising credits you can use to create ads for other marketers to see what you are selling or what kind of service you provide.




The last two sections will show the commission you have or have not earned and the payments you have received.

Be sure to watch for the next post where I continue to walk you through each section. We will discover about “IBOToolbox Leads” next and how they will work for you.

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