IBOToolbox – My Leads

IBOToolbox – My Leads

IBOToolbox_–_My_LeadsThis section will be where you will make contact with people who are interested in you and building a business relationship with you.

Any number of benefits can come from this, such as; a new member on your team, a new opportunity for you to explore or maybe your new contact has skills that can help you or vice versa.

As previously in my other posts, the top section of the page and the right sidebar contain pretty much the same information as other pages.

The main and center section of “My Leads” shows a list of people who want to connect with you. You can get to this area by clicking on “My Leads” in the Site Navigation section.

You will see information such as the Lead Status (if you’ve contacted them or not), Last viewed (shows if you’ve looked over their profile) and Lead Acquired (is the date they signed up with your referral link).

If you look at the picture above, with the row of icons, there is an icon that looks like a paper and pencil. Clicking on this icon will show you the new leads you haven’t contacted yet.

Clicking on My Leads from the Site Navigation will show you “ALL” of your leads and also gives you a search option to find a member.

IBOToolbox_–_My_Leads-Below you will find a screen shot of the “My Leads” section of IBOToolbox.

Leads can also be potential clients or customers if you approach people in a friendly manner.

No one wants to hear the first words out of your mouth, “Buy my product or join my company.” Base your business on this strategy, you’ll see people running from you like you have the plague or something.

Be genuinely willing to find out about a person and what they are interested in.

Eventually, the conversation will come around to what each of you do for a living and then you still don’t want to be a sales person. Have a normal conversation and answer them or listen to them.


IBOToolbox - My Leads

Let them tell you about their business and then you can tell them about yours.

Don’t interrupt them while they are talking and pay attention to what they are saying.

You just might be talking with someone that can help you in your business or you can help them in some way.

Many joint ventures have started by two people learning about each other.

Just as in the real world, not every person is going to be compatible with another. You may have different interests, different businesses, different values but it doesn’t mean it’s wasted time.

IBOToolbox - My Leads2-


You’ve learned something about another person and maybe they know someone who will be interested in getting to know you or you may know someone who would be interested in what they are all about.


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IBOToolbox – My Leads