IBOToolbox – My Messages

IBOToolbox – My Messages



The “My Messages” section is of course where you get your messages from other IBOToolbox members.

In the Site Navigation box you can see an orange envelope with the red arrow pointing to it or down the list on the left called “My Messages.” You can click on either of those and get to the inbox section of IBOToolbox.

Here is where you will find the messages other members have sent to you. Unfortunately, many of the messages will be considered “SPAM” and from people who are not interested in building a relationship with you.


If you make contact with this type of marketer, you run the risk of the SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome). Their business may sound better than yours and off you go on the same vicious cycle of program hopping.

The best thing to do is to go through the messages and quickly delete any of the messages that are trying to sell you something. You want to look for people who are actually sending you a message and wanting to strike up a conversation with you.


Above, you will see a screenshot of my messages in my account that I have not taken care of yet. I’ve left them on purpose so I would have examples to show you.

Now, without even opening one of the messages, I can see the last three are not interested in getting to know me nor do they care about having a conversation.

I will be deleting the last three without opening them. Each one of the subject lines of the messages is pitching a program to me or giving me a link. Pass them by and don’t look back.

The remaining messages, I will open them and check them out. Don’t take too much of your time to see about an offer if that’s what they are doing. Delete it and move to the next message. I see only three or four others that possibly might actually be greeting me and wanting to establish a friendship.

I’ll answer them back but I will not pitch “anything” to them. I want to learn a bit about them and as the conversation moves along, eventually you and the other member will talk about other interests that you have in common.

The section below with a heading of; “Sent Messages” are the messages you have sent to other members.

Take a look at your subject lines.

You should be seeing these words in your subject lines, such as;
Hi _________,
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Good Morning.
Good Evening.

If you are seeing any of this in your message subject lines:
Have you heard of ______,
A link in the subject line
Make $$ overnight, etc.
Earn Money by working only a couple of hours.
If you are guilty of using any of these subject lines in your messages to members, then you need to rethink your strategy and start building your business another way.

The top section and right sidebars of the “My Messages” page will pretty much the same as mentioned in other posts.


If you go a little further down the page, you will see the section marked “Sent Messages.”  (See photo above.) Easy enough; these are the messages you’ve sent to other members.

Once again, make sure your messages show that you want to get to know them and not a list of “Spammy” Subjects.

Have you noticed the stars by the members’ name?

Good. We’ll cover that in another section.

I hope this step by step series is helping you understand IBOToolbox a little better and you can see the value that is offered with this free platform.