Why are you Blogging_

Why are you blogging ?

Why are you Blogging?

Over the years I have been in and out of blogging communities.

One of the purposes of blogging communities to to help you get more eyeballs on your website right ?

You are looking for more Likes/Comments/Shares or all of the aforementioned right ?

Let me ask you a very simple but essential question.

WHY Do you want social signals ?

Some people want social signals to generate traffic to their site perhaps hoping to pick up a few sales of something. Right ?

Do you have a ‘Something’? One of the biggest pitfalls I see for some bloggers in this space is that they have NOTHING to sell…. Is that not like having an empty shop and trying to persuade people to come in and ‘look around’?

IF your going to spend considerable time writing articles.. Posts… spending time sharing your content and perhaps asking others to help you share your message too… Would it not be a little bit more helpful if you got paid for doing so ?

If someone is sharing a standard MLM ‘duplicated’ website (where most cant get comments anyway) Where they are DIRECTLY selling something your in for a shock.. PEOPLE wont buy… The old saying is true… People love to spend money but they DON’T like to be sold to. I know you know exactly what I mean.

So, How can you monitize your website/ blog and make income from it ?

Well… That’s as easy or as hard as you want it to be.

Here are a few suggestions that you might find helpful.

  1. If your writing an article on travel…. Maybe you have been to a set location and you want to tell people about the experience… Why not add an affiliate link at the bottom of the article? You dont need to hide it or cloak it. Simply place the link and ask people to click through for more information and if you have an affiliate link and someone’s buy’s something.. then hey presto you get paid! The amount is irrelevant.. The face is you will get something… Providing the company you use it in business for 10 + years to come then you will continue to get paid from that one article! Neat huh?


2. Let’s say your writing articles about tech toys… We all love gadgets! In England we have a tv program called The GadgetShow of which the hosts get toys for free to play with (instead of commission for selling the products) so they review them..and give them away to lucky winners… Providing you enter the competition via a premium rate text message or phone call (Monitisation of free resources!) Note how I hyperlinked GadgetShow? I am directing you to click on the link to go to the producers website to see all the toys the review… I dont get a commission for doing do but hey guess what I do get?  A backlink for my trouble. Backlinks=Traffic=Monitisation.

3. What is your niche? Do you have any banners on your website? Some people might say they are somewhat outdated… However they are highly effective if done correctly. Just get the boxes/widgets in the right place in the right size saying the right thing and you will get eyeballs on the offer.

4. Do you have an opt in box on your site? How are your asking people to opt in? Are you using any ‘ethical bribes’? Free ebook downloads? Free consult? A talking sales person?? There is always something you can do that will drive signups on your list… BUT !!! MAke sure that you mail your audience if you dont then what’s the point creating a list… right ?

What do you need to get started?

Here’s some resources that I use time to time.

  1. Canva. (Oh look, Another hyperlink! Backlink no 2!) Most marketers site as you can use a lot of the content for free and any upgrades you might need are pennies.
  2. WordPress. (Oh look another one!) The easiest tool every for creating a website.
  3. Aweber. They offer one of the easiest email responders available. Very critical to any online business.

I won’t sit and give you too many links to look at.. We are all busy I know!

Just a few to be getting on with!

My main busy it crypto currency. Specialising in the purchasing of BitCoin and associate crypto currency. If you need assistance just message me here; My Home

Until next time!


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